Why Your Car Engine May Be Overheating

The reason that your car engine may be overheating could be right under the hood. Once the car is off and the engine cooled, pop the hood and look for the following issues.

  • Look closely to see if any coolant is leaking from the radiator hoses. If the hoses are wet, they could have failed and allow the coolant to escape.
  • See if there is a radiator cap and that it is screwed on tightly. If not, the pressure could cause the coolant to escape.
  • Look at the radiator hose clamps to see if they are possibly corroded. If so, they are not securing the hoses to the engine block or the radiator properly.
  • The fan motor will be run by a belt. Make sure the belt is in tact and not frayed or missing.

Bringing your vehicle to our service center at Community Motors for scheduled maintenance can help avoid these issues from happening.

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