Dodge Challenger: Tough Guy with Bling

The Dodge Challenger is one of the most respected sports cars on the street. It is revered not only for its pavement pounding performance, but also its aggressive street styling. Dodge has implemented design features that go beyond your typical faux-sport features many OEMs will add as an afterthought.

Dodge offers legit, fully functioning sport features that owners of other sports cars have to rely on the aftermarket for. Dodge offers the Challenger with a class-exclusive Shaker package, which features a custom cut hood and exposed air-cleaner that "shakes" from the torque of the Hemi underneath. The available front air-dam is a popular feature which provides extra front downforce for improved handling at high speeds. It also looks really cool and gives the already mean front profile a more aggressive stance.

The more you look at the new Dodge Challenger, the more cool features you find. These and other exterior features can be browsed through in person at Community Motors in Hammond, LA.

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