Powertrain Options of the Ram 3500

For a heavy-duty pickup truck that packs plenty of power into its innovative design and still offers the technology upgrades and comfort features drivers want, the Ram 3500 is the answer. Continuing to impress drivers with its towing capacity is just one facet of what makes this powerhouse truck such a popular choice.

While drivers can load an ATV into the bed of the truck or pull watercraft behind on a trailer, the requirements of a fifth-wheel trailer present a different set of challenges. Upgrade your 3500 with an existing tow package designed specifically for fifth-wheels and enjoy the Electronic Stability Control that will ensure your ride is secure.

Gone are the days of checking over your shoulder or glancing in the side-view mirror to ensure your cargo is secure. With the 3500's cargo-view camera display on the dashboard screen, a quick glance down will let you know everything is in order.



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